This new Sunnah forbids with girlfriends or boyfriends

This new Sunnah forbids with girlfriends or boyfriends

Among stories that show it is taboo having girlfriends or to get married them ‘s the facts out-of Marthad ibn Abi Marthad, who regularly smuggle Muslim inmates-of-battle away from Makkah so you’re able to Madinah. There can be an excellent prostitute into the Makkah, entitled ‘Anaq, who have been a friend away from Marthad’s. Marthad had promised for taking among the prisoners off Makkah to Madinah. He told you: “We concerned the new color of among the landscapes out-of Makkah into an excellent moonlit evening, then ‘Anaq arrived and you can noticed my shade from the garden. Whenever she achieved myself, she recognized myself and said: ‘Marthad?’ We said, ‘Marthad.’ She told you: ‘Invited! Stick to united states tonight.’ We said, ‘O ‘Anaq, Allah features taboo zina (unlawful sexual relationships)’ … We came to the fresh Live messenger from Allah (peace and blessings away from Allah become through to your) and requested your, ‘O Live messenger off Allah, do i need to marry ‘Anaq?’ The new Live messenger off Allah (tranquility and blessings out-of Allah become on him) stayed silent and you will don’t address myself whatsoever, up until the ayah ‘Let no guy guilty of adultery otherwise fornication wed one however, a lady likewise responsible, or an enthusiastic unbeliever; nor help one however, such a person or a keen unbeliever marry like a female; into believers anything was forbidden’ [al-Nur 24:step 3 – Yusuf ‘Ali’s translation] was found. Then Live messenger out-of Allah (tranquility and you may blessings out of Allah be on him) said: ‘O Marthad, Assist no people accountable for adultery or fornication marry any but a woman likewise bad, otherwise an enthusiastic unbeliever; nor let any but such a person or an unbeliever marry such as a woman, therefore don’t wed their own.’” (Stated from the al-Tirmidhi, 3101; he said: it is an excellent hasan gharib hadith).

This type of ayat and you may ahadith clearly signify it’s haram (forbidden) for men to own any relationship otherwise relationship with non-mahram female (feminine so you can who they aren’t directly-relevant and exactly who they might marry)

‘Abd-Allah ibn Mughaffal reported that there was a female who’d already been a good prostitute inside times of ignorance (prior to Islam). A man approved by their, or she passed by him, in which he touched their unique. She said: “End it! (Mah! A word connoting a great rebuke otherwise denunciation). Allah did out that have shirk along with introduced Islam.” So the guy left their unique alone and you may ran out, still looking at her, up until the guy moved to the a wall structure, hitting their face. The guy involved this new Prophet (peace and you will blessings off Allah end up being through to him) and informed your what got happened. The Prophet (serenity and blessings away from Allah be abreast of your) said: “You’re one to possess who Allah wants a. When Allah, can get He getting blessed and exalted, wishes best for Their servant, The guy hastens the brand new punishment getting their sin, so that it is cared for till the Day’s Resurrection.” (Claimed by al-Hakim, 1/349, who said so it hadith are sahih according to conditions out of Muslim, and you will al-Dhahabi conformed with him. Come across Sahih al-Jami’, 308).

New ruling of having girlfriends and you will boyfriends into the Islam

The brand new worst consequences and heartache caused by eg dating are clear to help you anybody who observes real world. The same concern could have been requested lower than #2085 .

I query Allah to store all of us at a distance regarding whatever are taboo, to safeguard you from all that get secure Their wrath and you may to keep us protected from a painful punishment. resentful.

“Assist zero guy guilty Croato donne interrazziali of fornication or adultery get married one but a woman likewise guilty, otherwise an enthusiastic unbeliever: neither assist one however, such as a person otherwise an enthusiastic unbeliever marry such as for instance a lady: to the believers anything is actually forbidden.” [al-Nur 24:3]

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