Their particular situation is one to she are Lovelle

Their particular situation is one to she are Lovelle

for a few weeks. Find of focus is actually aiveo, tbe prisoner hitting theaters to your hail pond journal the issue. Cm Matter (Tuesday). Ah Ping and you can AUTong, a couple of Chinese etorekeepervt have been charged with promoting tiokets giving a destination in an illegal lotto. One another offenden had sold paks-pu tickets so you’re able to Europeans, aud Ah Ping, wbo got in the past oonncted, was fined 20, having around three guineas can cost you, or in default half dozen months’ imprisonment, tbe most other accused are mulcted during the an effective Snalty regarding ten, which have several guioeas coats, or perhaps in de .

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ilt around three montha’ imprisonment tough Disiaicr Coot (Tuesday). Daly seemed to your part ot the fresh plaintiff. who was -today for the The fresh new Zealand .

Before their particular wedding abe had resided which have tbedefendant, and you may around three days sfterwards their particular partner, by the arraagement, handed their particular over to bins and you may missing the wedding certificate. Then he remaining for new Zealand, and you will up until now uammona nau uvea wuu mo plaintiff. During that several months two pupils is bora, ior sue support oi wiuu uiuawiuuin is actually advertised, this new defendant that have leftover their own and you may ed Freeman, who stipulated into the bis have a tendency to tbat simply in the event of the wedding taking place was their widow so you can inherit nut possessions, tuo nencu thought that the brand new parentage of the flrat child is actually available to matter, nonetheless they generated an order to have tbe payment ot tens. weekly into the assistance of young child, that have three guineas will cost you, Prhras Oouar (Monday). Buen Clifford, a great domeatio slave from the a job out-of are sentenced to just one month’s imprisonment tor stealing two ohemises, the home from Mary Driver, a month-to-month inuree, and about provider ot the above-mentioned ladv .

Henry Parker Hammond was charged by Mary Ann Lovelle, a wedded lady, with the restoration out of her several ebildren, purported to become illegitimate, and you may tbe regarding-springtime of accused, Mr

t9? lUJiHSTOWN Ooubt (Monday). A seaman ot the new steamer nampoa, namea oun Bourse, absented themselves out-of obligations on 8th and are sentenced so you’re able to 7 days imprisonment which difficult Dressed in Notes. CRICKET. Soothe Mblbourxb (sscobd lhyxh) y. Mer .

CAKTtLB. The above mentioned meets are played oh this new Southern Melbourne surface past mid-day, andro- recommended from inside the a straightforward earn to own, the fresh new South works. Results gocrn Mklvootutb. Thomaon, aud 0 87 Au moment ou Cheaaell, aud Falmer Treloar, Palmer. Rosier, Yuille, Clark .

riranl.bU’CandUh Wtlla.0 Clarke, bralmer Klcol, U’Candlah Clark, afCandiih Anderson, bPalmer Chlvers. not-out Byes t-leg-byes i. Complete HuTvhy.b Nlcol Johnston, Treloar, bNlcol Clarke, run out Hurat, Tuillo SpeecUey, Xabaof WiUs Walker, Yuille JfCandiBh, notout JUralJI.b llookliaoD, Wills Full 17 -W 8 good 8 17 3 1 11 0 0 Ti ECHTJOA EAOma OIUB MBETINCJ. The second weights was deolared City Puis Hahsicap, One mile and you will one-fourth.

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O. from the Uoiart Youn. Fireball Hallatono 8mu7ler Larrikin Molly Darllog Publican 6-1 a 8 1 18 within the B.You. (an effective.) step one Want it 0 13 Nick oi tha Trees 6 several seven ten 8axon 0 12 Dundreary- six 1U Reptile- ten L1U1S Kutir.An excellent 0 seven Wtndaor 7 ten eight Comet eight Jack’atheLad ..eight 7 Trumoeter 7 eight Petrel Yanko eight 6 7 0 7 an effective TheOloud 7 six VT Peeress rt Btotart Clio 8 step one ,six ten Younr Headache 7 B.f. Chatswonn 0 EOBUOA quarters .

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