Murdered ages twenty-two toward 3rd out of , Essex; Partner away from Irene Emily Boese (Nee Middleton), from Eastern Ham

Murdered ages twenty-two toward 3rd out of , Essex; Partner away from Irene Emily Boese (Nee Middleton), from Eastern Ham

Are tucked on Buxton, Derbyshire, but Sgt Hayton, RAF, that is hidden in the Byker and Heaton Cemetery, Newcastle-on-Tyne, his home town.

Sgt. Honest Arthur Boese, RAFVR 1293282 – Navigator. Tucked Amersfoort (Oud Leusden) Standard Cemetery, The netherlands.. Grave place – Area thirteen. Line 5. Grave 92. ‘That have delicate love And you may deep regret I just who loved you’ll never ever forget’

– Attack Facing Objectives on Hamburg 9 aircraft was in fact outlined to attack the above mentioned address which have cuatro lb. incendiaries. Hefty cloud and you can icing was educated forcing four aircraft to go back early. Several flights assaulted the mark even so they were not able to observe abilities owing to ths. affect. Particular Good.Good. flames and a few searchlights were found even in the event reasonable affect eliminated accuracy. No opponent routes was indeed viewed. Routing are good. A couple aircraft didn’t get back, these were Stirling 1 BK604 captained by P/O J McCullough and Stirling step one R9280 captained from the P/O K.H. Blincoe. This was a sad loss because they have been two of the earliest captains in the Squadron, together with them was also shed Sergt. Scott and you can P/O Henderson, one or two the fresh captains wearing sense as next airplane pilot. Which making united states having one or two headless teams.

P/O Kenneth Howard Blincoe, RNZAF NZ412194 – Airplane pilot. Sgt. Andrew James Newell ‘Dougal’ Scott RNZAF NZ414685 – 2nd Airplane pilot. Sgt. Honest Arthur Boese, RAFVR 1293282 – Navigator. Sgt. George Wood Make, RNZAF NZ412514 – Heavens Bomber. P/O Harold Lowe, RAFVR 905609/ 115129 – Cordless Driver. Sgt. Desmond David Hayward, RAFVR 651764 – Trip Engineer. Sgt. Edward. McDermott, RCAF R.96960 – Middle Top Gunner. Sgt. Desmond Clearwater, RNZAF NZ412314 – Rear Gunner.

R.9280 is assaulted by an effective German night-combatant across the Netherlands, while you are back to legs. Brand new aircraft damaged at the several hours near Ingen, six kilometers North North-east of Tiel, Hollnd. All of the onboard were killed. They were tucked inside the Amersfoort (Oud Leusden) Standard Cemetery.

F/O Henry Herbert Thomas Reaveley, RAFVR 1892370 – Airline Engineer

P/O Lester Lascelles Bonisch, RNZAF NZ422098 – Pilot. Murdered ages 21 towards 11th away from Summer 1944 Child of Ernest Joseph and you may Clara Adelaide Bonisch, of Gisborne, Auckland, The fresh Zealand. Hidden Bayeux Battle Cemetery, France. Grave area – XI. K. dos. 167

– Attack Facing Dreux Of your own twenty five flights outlined so you can bomb Dreux, 22 efficiently assaulted when you look at the good weather, the marshalling yards being visually recognized up to these people were blurry of the cigarette smoking. You to flights got an enthusiastic inconclusive combat that have a good JU.88. This new aircrafts captained by the NZ422098 P/O L. Bonisch and you may NZ422267 F/S. Donaghy, T. didn’t go back.

P/O Lester Lascelles Bonisch, RNZAF NZ422098 – Airplane pilot. F/S James Murdoch Thomas McKenzie, RNZAF NZ427217 – Navigator. F/S James Stuart Millar, RNZAF NZ427220 – Heavens Bomber. Sgt Bernard ‘Bill’ Allen, RAFVR 968734 – Mid Top Gunner. Sgt. Honest William Cousins, RAFVR 1237485 – Bottom Gunner.

This new crews was indeed trained to go back when they struck poor weather, which unfortunately they did

After address, ME702, AA-Q are struck double by flak, before splitting up in the air. All the team try slain, apart from Bernard ‘Bill’ Allen, the new crew’s Middle Top Gunner. Away from Costs Allen’s War Record, is his memory with the experiences:

“This new bomb aimer brought new planes on to the target, and you will offered the words “bombs moved” to your skipper, to which this new skipper answered “bomb doors closing”. Zero ultimately had the guy got the language away from his mouth than simply there can be a good crash, me personally chair collapsed, my intercom ran dead, We believed terrific pain inside my left feet, additionally the routes try filled with flame and tobacco cigarette. I scrambled getting my parachute which had been lying nearby the chief entry of the routes, upwards it prevent the fresh tobacco and you may flame was really dense. In the beginning I failed to find my chute regarding cigarette smoking, my personal sight was indeed powering and aching, while the flights try moving from side to side to make certain that I dropped on the floor together with in order to claw my way together by the clutching on hydraulic pipelines over the corners from the fresh fuselage. I eventually got to my chute and you can addicted they on the, concurrently discover a unique crash, the latest jet offered a great lurch and also the the next thing I understood I happened to be cruising as a consequence of place. We got brand new rip cable and you may removed they, the fresh new chute started quite easily and i floated down to earth wondering exactly what got happened, and you will enjoying next trend from Lanc’s bombing the target.”

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