The kinds of the new Men-Tale: A meaning and you may Bibliography

The kinds of the new Men-Tale: A meaning and you may Bibliography

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(2) Coleridge, Christabel, Coleridge: Poetical Work 235, line 653.. For each and every after that solution off Christabel is using this release, expressed by-line count(s) within the parentheses.

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(6) To own instance effects inside Edgar’s effect, I am indebted so you’re able to Halio’s version off Queen Lear (185, notice in order to line 71). According to Blechner, the newest Fool’s terminology so you’re able to Lear earlier from inside the Operate III (ii.25-32) — “This new codpiece that will home / Before lead features one . ” — suggest “this new sexual origin” of your own king’s condition, getting it recommend that “He who home their snatch in advance of their head, which leaves their lust before reason, was headed getting insanity and you may penury” (320-21).

(7) This conclusion into the ballad lies in plans for this seem to conveyed by Coleridge so you can James Gillman (302). Having a dialogue off story sort of 923 and you can Limit o’ Rushes (kind of 510B) when it comes to authored resources of queen lear (age.grams., Geoffrey regarding Monmouth’s Historia Regum Britanniae), find Younger.

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(8) Coleridge, Lectures 1808-1819: For the Books Obtained Performs 5.dos.326. Come across in addition to Amassed Performs 5.dos.137, where Lear is cited because of the Coleridge among several Shakespearean plays where “the end result comes from the subordination of all the to help you . the brand new prominent people and/or principal Object.” Most of the subsequent recommendations to help you Coleridge’s lectures are from so it edition, conveyed of the volume, part, and you may web page quantity inside parentheses. (9) Get a hold of Reibetanz 30-30, and you may Boose, “The father plus the Fiance inside Shakespeare” 330-31. Regardless of if Naseeb Shaheen (146-47) discovers that it passage similar both toward Catechism’s injunction “In order to loue Bonuses, honour, and you will succour . dad and mum” and to Ephesians six.1-2 (“Children, follow your mother and father. Honor thy mom and dad”), the guy finds out “light overtones of one’s Wedding service, in the outlines almost instantaneously subsequent to Cordelia’s.

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