Structural and you will Engineering Preparations (step three,666 circumstances, during the Denver): Topographic graphics out of water drainage and you can irrigation systems, 1874- 1967 (step three,563 points)

Structural and you will Engineering Preparations (step three,666 circumstances, during the Denver): Topographic graphics out of water drainage and you can irrigation systems, 1874- 1967 (step three,563 points)

Homes control and you can allotments, 1915-forty-eight (forty facts). Proposed roadway framework plans at the Southern area Hand and Trout Creek towns and cities, 1935-61 (63 affairs). Find And .

Photos (step one,800 photographs, in Denver): Various views, 1898- 1930; Indian homes in addition to their society, 1920-35; and you may agricultural expansion points toward Snap Lake Reservation, 1934-53 (300 photos). Scheduling plans, formations, and you may team, 1915-forty-five (step one,five-hundred pictures). Pick Including .

Textual Info (when you look at the Ohio Town): Characters delivered sending deeds, 1909-13; topic file, 1900-25; and you can standard telecommunications, 1922-forty. Company monetary info, 1904-55. Land information, 1867-40, along with surveyors industry cards 1875, 1915; records out of property sales, 1903-twenty-five, and you will rentals, 1895-1940; info off home allocation, 1885-96; and you can crop reports, 1924-39. Santee Scheduling shell out book, 1874. Area instructions, 1872-1940. Probate data, 1922-40, and heirship findings, 1899-1915. Omaha, Santee, Ponca, Flandreau, and you will Winnebago censuses and you will posts, 1869-1928. Santee, Winnebago, and you can Ponca loved ones reports and vital analytics, 1863-1906, and you can Santee and Ponca important analytics, 1937-47. Roll off Santee Sioux, 1927. Santee and you can Omaha school censuses, 1896-1916; and you will day college or university topic document, 1925-35. Civil Conservation Corps interaction, 1933-43. Omaha, Santee, Ponca, Flandreau, and Winnebago annuity payrolls and relevant correspondence, 1861-1926. Details away from annuity, each capita, and tribal funds money, 1897- 1921. Hobbies instance data files and you will relevant facts, 1936-forty-two. Social and you may economic survey notes, 1934. Individual Indian currency (IIM) ledgers and relevant posting and you will control ideas, 1908-46; IIM circumstances data files, 1926-44. Tribal monetary profile, 1939-40. Moments off Omaha tribal council group meetings, 1939-42.

Maps (43 points, within the Kansas Town): Township maps and you can plats, 1867-76 (forty circumstances). Winnebago Reservation road program, n.d. (step 3 issues). Get a hold of In addition to .

Textual Info (inside Seattle): Emails sent, 1878-1914, and you may gotten, 1894-1908. Superintendent’s topic communications, 1908-67. Facts of your own job guide during the Dalles, Otherwise, according to enrolled Indian people lifestyle to the public domain name lands with each other new Columbia River, 1939-forty-two. Records of your own Judge of Indian Offenses, 1903-20, and you will Indian Criminal history records, 1879-1942. Details concerning the Dalles Dam Payment and institution accounting and irrigation charge suggestions, 1897-1955. Personal Indian money (IIM) accounting info, 1908-45. Narrative and analytical membership, 1928-55. Passed down attention cards, 1945-67. Grazing accommodations and you will it permits, 1910-58, 1970 .Forestry and timber conversion ideas, 1913-71. Facts off house allocation and you will transformation, 1900-54. Home conveyance files, 1970. Roadway construction endeavor information,1951-65. Right-of-way case records, 1970. Records of Civilian Conservation Corps-Indian Section strategies, 1935-39. Tribal census goes, 1880-1940. Delivery and dying information, 1909-64. Tribal council moments and you will communication, 1897-1957. Medical accounts, 1912-forty. College communications and you will records, 1912-21. College student situation data files, 1974.

A career advice instance files, 1959-70

Textual Ideas (inside the Kansas City): Quantitative communication, 1926- 33. Homes system publication, 1936. College or university correspondence, 1926-34. Personal Indian money (IIM) circumstances documents, 1924-32.

Textual Details (within the Denver): Letters delivered, 1899-1927, and obtained, 1904-27. Profile, correspondence, or any other facts, 1904-thirty-five. Standard correspondence, 1926-thirty-five. Zuni Boarding University pupil record book, 1906-11. Individual Indian money (IIM) ledger sheet sets, 1933-34. Listing of births, fatalities, and you may illnesses (“Sanitary Listing”), 1900-10. Check in from team, 1905-6.

Beginning and you may dying sign in, 1900-26

Textual Ideas (when you look at the Denver): Characters sent, 1886-87. Standard correspondence, 1917-thirty-six. Nongraduated students’ university files, 1886-1954. Monthly checklist off people managed, 1925-33. Student instance records, 1909-64.

Textual Records (during the Fort Worthy of, but since the indexed): Records toward agency and school buildings, that have accompanying photos, ca. 1916. Payroll promo codes to have teams, 1921-27. Allowance times, letter.d. Listing regarding conversion process away from allocated lands, ca. 1901-29. List out-of outstanding annuities, 1922. Abstracts regarding private Indian bank accounts, 1918-twenty-five. Check in away from bonds marketed to help you Indians, 1919- 24. Private Indian money (IIM) ledger notes, 1918-24. Directory in order to births and you may deaths, ca. 1926. Records (for the Oklahoma Urban area), including communication, 1885-1932; and you may financial and you may bookkeeping info, 1885-1932.

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