Photographic Designs (600 pictures, in Fort Worth): Studies away from Osage Condition drawn to the Farming Adjustment Administration, 1937-forty-five (two hundred photographs)

Photographic Designs (600 pictures, in Fort Worth): Studies away from Osage Condition drawn to the Farming Adjustment Administration, 1937-forty-five (two hundred photographs)

Textual Information (within the La): Worker payrolls, california. 1904-california. 1921. Financial details, 1904-21. Abstracts regarding circumstances to help you Indians to own subsistence offers, 1904-1918. Facts relating to reimbursable transactions, california. 1911-ca. 1920. Bill ledger or other info regarding Los angeles Jolla Indian College or university, Valley Cardiovascular system, 1909-21.

Information of the Administrative Office, as well as records per group, 1904-32; monetary administration, 1906-46; and you will payments and you can believe money administration, 1878-1959

Textual Records (inside the La): Subject data, 1871-79, 1898- 1926. Central topic data files, 1925-51. Topic files off Special Allocating Agent Ralph Aspaas, 1907-14. Records regarding job matrons, 1910-thirty-two, and of the fresh new company growers and stockmen, 1910-34. Subject data files of art gallery curator, 1939-forty-two. Animals Sanitary Panel communication, 1897-1923. Cattle brand credit directory, 1945. Suggestions of the The brand new Mexico treatment (grade cows) and you may drought relief (purebreed cows) program, 1934-38. Livestock conversion process registers and you may related facts, 1930-38. Individual Indian currency (IIM) ledger sheets, 1922-twenty six. Individual Indian account ledger sheet sets, 1953-55. IIM and you will faith membership records, 1930-forty two. Abstracts away from content awarded so you’re able to Indians, 1898-1918. Patents away from faith, 1891; certificates of alternatives and you will allowance having minor youngsters, 1890, 1912; and you may observes out-of allocation software kept to have rejection, 1918-twenty-five. Interaction relating to the County Civil Work Management regarding Arizona, 1933-34. Data of the Neighborhood Staff, together with Indian employment files, 1935-47; data in accordance with Selective Provider, 1940-45; and health insurance and hobbies communication, 1933-48. Correspondence of your Senior Positioning Matron, 1929-34. Details of one’s Technology Venture-Bureau regarding Indian Activities Agronomic Survey Supervisor, 1937-39. Indian Crisis Conservation Really works subscription software, 1933-37. Ideas concerning the Civil Conservation Corps-Indian Department, including the division’s really works opportunity data, 1935-43. Tribal census rolls, 1912-40. Administrative records from area manager of the census Alden W. Jones, 1940-forty five. Individual and you can members of the family census notes, 1940. Individual Indian record cards, ca. 1908-15. Individual Indian character cards and you will labels, 1929. Birth and you can demise files, 1913-thirty six. Birth licenses, 1919-forty-eight. Demise permits, 1916-47. Analytical records in accordance with births and fatalities, 1930-48. Details based on marriages, 1902-forty-eight. Tribal constitution or any other ideas concerning the Indian Reorganization Operate (Wheeler-Howard Operate) out-of June 18, 1934 (forty eight Stat. 984), 1934-37. Individual Indian write subscription notes, 1940-45. Medical admission check in, 1944-47. Welfare guidelines instance files, 1938-forty two. Recovery circumstances records, 1938-43. Correspondence relating to the shipment out-of surplus commodities, 1938-43. Month-to-month save guidance accounts, 1938-48. Facts relating to studies, in addition to applications having registration from the nonreservation Indian schools, 1906-24; analytical college account, 1905-24; Carries Indian Agency college census notes, 1937; annual college or university census records, 1908-45; and you will third level examinations getting San Xavier Time College or university, 1918-19.

Details of the Agricultural Extension and Community Division, in addition to annual account, 1936-48; and you may facts of your Extension Broker, 1934-47, and you can Ponca Ranch Agent, 1939-forty

Topic Supply Terms and conditions: Berger, John M.; Martin, Jewell D.; McChesney, Charles E.; McCormick, Thomas F.; McQuigg, Henry J.; Taylor, Grace S.; Weston, Doris L.; Wilbur, Reubin A beneficial.

Textual Records (into the Fort Well worth): Standard details, also correspondence, 1901-19, and you can data, reports, and you can circulars, 1918- 43. Details of your own Homes Department, along with standard facts, 1871-72, 1911-36; info relating to agricultural accommodations, 1897-1945; and you will records per gas and oil apartments, 1915-49. Info of the Probate Department, also letters delivered, 1923-28; emails received, 1924-25; list in order to heirship choices, 1915-40; and you may probate circumstances files, 1955-56. Information of the Education Division, together with subject data, 1916-24; list to school-years students, california. 1930; and you may yearly college census profile, 1916-45. Records of the Wellness Office, 1931-42. Records of the Civilian Conservation Corps-Indian Office, and additionally topic data files, 1933-42; quantitative files, 1935-43; per week accounts based on enrollees, 1933-41; day-after-day venture profile, 1936-41; suggestions relating to ideas, 1933-42; and you can ideas concerning the enrollee system, 1935-43. Records of your own Rehabilitation Office, plus enterprise ideas, 1936-49; and you will case documents from candidates, 1940-forty-two. Suggestions away from tribal team councils, as well as minutes out-of Pawnee Providers Council, 1923-26; tribal spending plans, 1955-59; and you may election votes for council players, 1935. Information of your City Job Member, Pawnee Service, and miscellaneous interaction, 1947-63; characters delivered, 1962-64; facts of Unique Disbursing check out here Administrator, 1938- 64; details of your own Employment Recommendations Administrator, 1955-64; facts of your Personal Attributes Worker, 1957-70; details of your Coal and oil Part, Real property Administration Department, 1919-66; suggestions of Department of Borrowing from the bank, 1947-62; and you may suggestions according to extension works, 1956-61. A house Provider Interior Board out of Belongings Is attractive litigation files 86-98 and you will 86-99, 1986-88.

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