My personal God, envision McKay, as he wiped their hands and you may crumpled his sandwich wrapper

My personal God, envision McKay, as he wiped their hands and you may crumpled his sandwich wrapper

naming away from parts, from the fabula rasa. gen, mckay and you may ford. His lives rested in the hands of someone who had got so you can lease Celebrity Battles.

sheppard/mckay, r, mckay pov. brief and you will humourous, mckay pov, featuring a great amount of extremely guyish behaviour from the day immediately following they basic has sex.

this new hostage biggest step one & dos, by frostfire. sheppard/mckay. an extended, quite foolish and you can alternatively rolicking harlequin problem fic. john pov, lots of fun discussion and you will cuteness.

new credit library, because of the gale. sheppard/mckay, pg. a preliminary nothing tale regarding the porn-usage models off atlantis–wonderful and you will hilarious. and it consists of porno titles.

daybreak (pt 1 & pt 2), from the giddy technical. sheppard/mckay, r. this really is mckay pov off groundhog date, having catchy narration, exquisite step pacing, and many comedy discussion, together with specific extremely precious zelenka. and additionally, it’s sweet, because of becoming groundhog big date, however, it is not the latest principal perception–it’s mostly comedy and extremely enjoyable.

daring, senseless love, by giddy technical. sheppard/mckay, bien au. an initial, mckay-pov ghost story-gothicky romance passionate by harlequin problem with very wonderful conversation.

Since, from the frostfire

picking out the terms and conditions, by the giddy technical, sheppard/mckay, pg. sheppard pov and you will old technical you to definitely happen to produces good telepathic connect between them–attractive but not soft, most comedy, high snark.

universal, of the giddy technical. sheppard/mckay, teyla pov, post-siege iii. pg. a preliminary, nice, tired little reunion about control place.

a regular early morning, because of the grrrl. sheppard/mckay, nc-17 centered pwp futurefic bien au. essentially, they purchase tuesday early most beautiful Tsu women morning with sex. scorching, affectionate, artwork sex. brand new mckay pov narration weakens personally a few times, and it’s really a little with the mushy side.

precipice, because of the grrrl. sheppard/mckay, pg. shortish, pretty white, a clue from sweet. and that i envision the fresh dialogue are an excellent, even though you will find a tiny suspension system regarding disbelief with it. “Nope, appears pretty much shut and you may Rodney? End appearing down, nowadays.” Rodney jerked his lead right up again. “Correct. Good idea.

rumpled, from the grrrl. sheppard/mckay, situated, pg. a highly brief piece of silliness according to the 12 months two marketing and advertising photo such as this you to. i will suggest it due to the fact, um. as a whole agreement about that dress.

an untitled ficlet of the grrrl. sheppard/mckay, nc-17. an incredibly short ficlet in which heads turn rodney toward. john leans back, draping their arm along side straight back couch and you may grins a slowly sluggish look. “The problem is, Rodney, your electromagnetics is actually from alignment.”

an alternative untitled ficlet from the grrrl, sheppard/mckay, pg. very short, semi-situated. pretty, primarily talk, passes this new “can you picture they?” try. John blinked. “There was good Gay Kama Sutra?”

value-additional, by grrrl. sheppard/mckay, pre-atlantis (into the pilot), nc-17. that is somewhat sizzling hot, however, we generally tend to be it once the i found the fresh new premise interesting. i do believe i could really get a hold of it installing toward cannon.

we-all are available by other roads area we and area ii of the grrrl. sheppard/mckay, nc-17 first-big date. it is important ‘s the very first suspension away from disbelief, here, however, mckay’s response regarding the 1st disease is excellent. next i think their characterisation is actually weaker, although story’s had particular nice and you can very hot and come up with up for just what at some point gets a form of cliched slashed area.

Pretty good suggestion, since when I look down, I can see how high right up we are, and just how a lot of time an autumn it could be, and–“

a bluish true imagine air, because of the isilya. sheppard/mckay, bien au. a good harlequin difficulties tale, medium length, that uses an australian outback romance spot, smart and you can moving and you can absolutey primary. i can’t express how very connected i’m to that particular facts. it is such comfort eating or something like that, and laden with each one of these charming exquisite bits.

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